Despite many government and private banks across the country, some of the weaker sections of the society have been deserted over a period owing to which there has been lot of increase in the co-operative sector. The principle of cooperation is as old as human society, and it laid the roots of domestic and social life. It is a group instinct in man that empowers him to live together, work together and help each other when they are in stress and strain. The first Cooperative Credit Societies Act was ratified in 1904. In brief, the economically weaker sections of the society can make use of this co-operative societies for financial assistance or help for their socio-economic development. Those societies are bit different when compared to commercial banks, yet the services they offer remain almost same. The first co-operative society was started on the 17th of October 2017. SAFE Mutually Aided Co-operative Society limited was registered under the Andhra Pradesh mutually aided co-operative societies act 1995 U/S 9 (5th of the act).